Magic to a majority of people around the world is a myth. Something that isn’t real or possible. Except magic is one of the most popular source of entertainment when it comes to television, kicking the reality out of the viewer’s leaving them with nothing but imagination-excitement. The television series ‘Charmed‘ did that for me. This series came out on October 7 1998 succeeding with a whole of eight series, ending on May 21 2006. Shannen Doherty(Prue Halliwell) Holly Marie Combs(Piper Halliwell) and Alyssa Milano(Phoebe Halliwell) were the first three women who began the show, until the death of Prue occurred and Rose McGowan(Paige Matthews) was introduced as the long lost half-sister in season 4. A lot of people were and still are wondering why Shannen left the show before the end of its series. Shannen and Alyssa were two people who didn’t see eye to eye and rather than trying to work around it Shannen decided to quit and with little time, the script was changed around and the murder of Prue, by the demon Shax took place.

I personally took a while to adapt to the new character and understand her as one of the ‘power of three’ sisters. Though the show did do a great job in fitting her into the show and creating a great bond with the three sisters, as was done with Prue. The show charmed discovered a whole lot of creative ideas and ways to keep the viewer’s mind entertained. The individual power of each character was one way. Knowing about things such as premonitions, the ability to freeze time and telekinesis, is one thing, but being able to watch it be done on television behind a storyline is something a lot more interesting. The storyline was kept consistent throughout the whole eight series and the main idea of the show, which was for the Charmed ones to fight all evil, was always put in place and with that introducing new characters, evil and powers.

The Charmed series was a great success and a big hit in the 90’s. The first episode ‘Something Wicca this way comes’ had a whole 7.7 million viewers and when coming to its finale ‘Forever charmed’ it ended with a huge 4.5 million viewers. Although the series ended and a movie was never made the actresses did star in other films and/or shows.

Shannen Doherty had begun her acting career way before Charmed at the age of just 10 when she starred in the series ‘Father Murphy’. That was just a start for Shannen. She later on starred in movies and shows, a few being ‘Little house on the prairie’, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210, which was where her real success began. There was also the movie ‘Almost dead’ and a lot more.

Holly Marie Combs did better in her career after Charmed. The major series that Holy starred in before charmed was ‘Picket fences’ which came out in 1992. Holly found out about the role of Piper through Shannen as they were good friends long before the show. During Charmed Piper played roles in quite a few movies, such as ‘Ocean’s eleven’ and ‘See Jane date’ and a lot more.

Alyssa Milano accidentally started off her career at the age of 7, when her babysitter dragged her along to one of her own auditions for the international tour of ‘Annie’, but instead Alyssa was chosen to be one of the orphans. After 18 months she left ‘Annie’ and starred in Broadway productions and commercials until the age of 10 when she landed a role in ‘Who’s the boss’. She also appeared in 10 episodes of the show ‘My name is earl’, and a few other movies and shows.

Rose McGowan, like Holly and Alyssa also had a small career in acting. Apart from Charmed she played a small role in the movie ‘Encino man’, she also starred in the film ‘Doomed generation’, ‘Scream’, ‘Going all the way.’ and more.

Charmed for me was a show that I could and can still watch many times over as I love the creativity and excitement of it. When we look back at 90’s entertainment, we can safely say that Charmed was a great hit.